Barry Sjolin
Independent Insurance and Investment Advisor

Residing in Penticton, Barry serves as an Independent Licensed Advisor to clients in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan

Whether you are just starting your investment life, nearing or in retirement, being independent allows investment choices and options that suit your needs.

We can offer you a full array of investment options and ideas as well as access to most every insurance company in Canada.


(Video) The Value of Advice

Working with a financial advisor can go a long way towards helping you reach your financial goals.

The clawback conundrum

How to help reduce your reported income to maximize benefits in retirement.

How to protect kids from scams

Despite the stereotype of seniors being most vulnerable to fraud, teens and young adults are actually more likely to lose money in a financial scam.

Put insomnia to bed

Not getting enough shut-eye? Here are eight strategies that can help improve your sleep.

Be prepared

Anticipate and include emergency expenses when developing a financial plan.

Seeking shelter in stormy seas

Segregated fund contracts are designed to help offer a safe harbour for Canadians worried about volatile markets.

Say yes to less stress

Stress takes its toll on our bodies. It affects us physically, and drains us of our ability to be productive. Stay healthy with these 10 tips to alleviate your stress response.

Recovering from a financial setback

Events that negatively affect finances can happen to anyone. Overcoming a challenging situation - whatever form it takes - requires determination, patience and good planning.

Five smart money moves

Whether you pay off debt or invest, some strategic planning can help your money go a long way.

Not your parents' life insurance

How the process of buying life insurance is changing for the better.

(VIDEO) Managing volatility with segregated funds

Segregated funds are designed to combine growth potential with protection of guarantees from an insurance contract.

A balanced budget and your physical health

Whether it’s paying off a credit card, or achieving an ideal weight, there’s a strong sense of satisfaction we can get when we set and achieve personal goals.

Travel Insurance

Travelling soon and thinking about travel insurance?


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